Big Friday News Round Up: Red Dwarf Launch date and more!!

Chris and the new Rimmer Funky 3D Lego figure

Chris and the new Rimmer Funky 3D Lego figure

Doug Naylor and the Official Red Dwarf Fan club have released the official launch date of series XI:

Meanwhile the Boys from the Dwarf won Digital Spy’s best 80’s Sitcom Poll

Chris was mentioned in an anecdote by Rory Bremner in the Guardian:


The Red Dwarf Funky 3D Lego figures have been launched (see picture at the start of this article.)

Chris will come to MCM Scotland!

He will also be at the Nerdagedon Red Dwarf Experience on March the 26th 2017

Chris Barrie – Three is the magic number – after Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire could Spitting Image be returning too?

Divine Varod

untitledIt’s an exciting time for Chris Barrie fans. After a long absence from our TV’s we first had the joyful news that Red Dwarf would return for not one but TWO series AND a possible stage show. After this came the news that the BBC confirmed the return of The Brittas Empire.
This week John Lloyd revealed

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Chris Barrie Talks About Spitting Image


Spitting Image, the classic ITV puppet satire show gets a special release on January 28th 2008.

The entire first series of the critically acclaimed program will be available on DVD for the first time ever.

Running for over a decade, it attracted up to 15 million viewers in its’ prime and shook a stick at politics and current affairs of the day. To celebrate the release, Ashley Partridge spoke to Chris Barrie, who voiced major characters on the show, such US President Ronald Reagan and Prince Charles.

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