Chris Barrie out and about this month video, pictures + interview!

 By Paige Dixon

By Paige Dixon

Some video interviews of Chris at the SF Ball taking about his future and inspirations as well as some nice pictures of Chris at MCM Telford.

Here is a new interview where he discusses the future of Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire

New video interviews:

Some new pictures:

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Chris at the MCM Midlands ComicCon today by Paige Dixon #chrisbarrie

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It's Rimmer #reddwarf

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Xander meeting a proper smeg head #reddwarf

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Arnold Rimmer #reddwarf @mcmcomiccon

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Pictures: Chris Barrie attends last Comic Con of 2016

czeyabrwqaarunuOn December the 4th Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge and Danny John-Jules visited Cleethorpes Comic Con – the last Comic Con this year for the Dwarfers. We can’t wait to see them again next year!! Continue reading

Red Dwarf XI DVD Launch interviews + Chris and Danny at MCM Birmingham pics!

Last week Chris did a few interviews to promote the launch of the Red Dwarf XI DVD

Last week Chris and Danny visited MCM Birmingham.

Kids with Chris Barrie – Mr Rimmer Sir! #reddwarf #Comic-Con

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A very happy boyfriend #reddwarf #chrisbarrie #mcmbirmingham

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Chris Barrie "Rimmer" at Comic Con #chrisbarrie #mcmexpo #mcmbirmingham2016 #mcmcomiccon

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My childhood is complete. #ChrisBarrie #Rimmer #RedDwarf

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Chris Barrie! (or Rimmer, from Red Dwarf) #reddwarf #chrisbarrie #comiccon #birmingham

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Chris Barrie / Red Dwarf latest News Videos and pictures!!

cwmxdliwyaayem1A big week in Red Dwarf history: season XI ended, while an excited Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules revealed plans for the 30th anniversary and told some fun recording and musical XI secrets at MCM London. Chris also showed off his air guitar skills and hosted the Pet Industry Federation Awards following this. See all the pictures and videos here. Continue reading

Pictures and video: Chris Barrie at Gloucester and Def Con 5 + more

Chris and Alecks Barrie

Chris and Alecks Barrie

Here is an interview with Chris’ wife Alecks


Gwyneth Griffiths

Chris 2

Gwyneth Griffiths

Chris 3

Gwyneth Griffiths

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Officer Rimmer is here!! + Stoke CON Trent pictures

cups-qmwyaayegrWho wants to see Chris Barrie play hundreds of versions of himself? What? All of you? Well, head over to UKTV Play then to watch Officer Rimmer!!

Meanwhile here are some pictures of Chris at Stoke Con Trent last week! Continue reading