Chris Barrie’s big two weeks – A lookback on Red Dwarf XII ‘s launch!!

A busy two weeks in Red Dwarf and Chris Barrie land!!
The Dave premiere of Red Dwarf 12 and a massive PR campaign by Chris, Doug and the Boys from the Dwarf that included the launch of a very special beer.

A massive poster campaign was launched with fans sharing lovely pictures of all the places they spotted our boys! They even popped up on the biggest billboard of Europe!!

Meanwhile Chris was promoting Red Dwarf at Norcon, joined by Mark Dexter.
Watch their panels here and here.

An interview of the Dwarf boys talking about the new series with James Buckley was released. The boys discussed every episode and some exclusive scenes were shared. Watch here.

Red Dwarf also joined forces with the Daily Mirror as they launched Leopard lager. A lot of fans joined Doug Naylor to drink beer at eleven in the morning, and great fun was had by all.
Later Chris and the rest of the cast joined Doug for a press conference and a three hour interview session with several media.

Then D day – Dwarf day – all throughout the day we were treated to various fab interviews with Doug and the Dwarfers – full of interesting facts and backstage gossip. There was even a rare solo interview from Chris in Metro!
Meanwhile Doug announced that work has already started on series 13!!

Then on to the Cured launch itself, well; it’s the most watched programme on Dave in 2017, which is wonderful news and the entire cast and crew celebrated on Friday with another night of leopard lager!!
Read our review, together with an interview with Doug here

Meanwhile, Siliconia was launched on UKTV Play and later Dave, billed as the biggest and most expensive episode of Red dwarf it certainly didn’t dissapoint, especially Chris’ performance was highly praised in this episode. As hidden behind his android mask and by own admission feeling rather ill because of it, Chris delivers a heartbreaking speech that will stick with you for quite some time and that was widely praised as the highlight of the show on social media and fan forums alike.
Read our review here

Later, that same evening Timewave was released. Judging from the response it is rather a divisive episode, apparently. One I rather liked I must admit. We will discuss it more next week.

Last weekend Chris, Danny, Robert, Norman, Doug and Mark Dexter all joined together at Stoke-Con-Trend to celebrate the Red Dwarf XII launch. Next weekend Chris, Danny, Robert and Hattie will celebrate the new series at MCM London. Chris will be there for the entire three days.

Yesterday Danny released a lovely video of his posse supporting him in his charity work for the Hurricane Maria victims in Dominica. Chris even calls his friend “darling”. Watch here

A very informative interview with all the boys was released on Den of Geek,
while Doug had a very interesting talk with Screen Mayhem.

Meanwhile Chris has written a short blog on his feelings about the Brittas reunion on his website.

We end with a reminded: only a few days left to vote RED DWARF for the NTAS Chris and the boys deserve it after all their hard work, so come on: get voting!


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